“The Franklinville Inn Catering To-Go Menu”


Soup of the Day    Pt  6.99   Qt  12.99                Crab Bisque   Pt  10.99   Qt  19.99

                                                                                                  Lump Crab, Old bay with a Touch of Sherry


Inn’s Petite Crab Cakes    Mini Size of our Delicately Seasoned Jumbo Lump Crab  2.99 each (min. 6)

 Chicken Tenders   Served with your choice Buffalo, Teriyaki or BBQ sauce    .99 each (min. 10)


Inn’s Crab Cake  Delicately Seasoned Jumbo Lump Crab    7.45 each (min. 4)

Baby Back Ribs   Full Rack of Pork Ribs Caramelized in our own Barbecue Sauce    24.99 each

Smoked Baby Back Ribs   Full Rack of Pork Ribs "Smoked" with Aged Oak then Finished with our own
Savory BBQ Sauce
   24.99 each



Stuffed Potato with Parmesan Cheese and Chives   2.49 each

Mashed Sweet Potatoes North Carolina Sweets blended with Maple and Brown
Sugar served with Cinnamon Butter  
5.99 pt     9.99 qt

Creamed Spinach  A Seasoned, Creamier blend    6.99 pt     12.99 qt

Sherried Mushrooms  Sautéed Whole Button Mushrooms in Sherry Wine Sauce   9.99 pt     18.99 qt

Cole Slaw  Finely chopped Green Cabbage, Sweet and Creamy    4.99 pt     8.99 qt

Potato Salad   Horseradish and Chive    4.99 pt     8.99 qt


Honey Mustard Blend of Honey and Brown Mustard, where both flavors stand out   6.99 pt    12.99 qt

                       Tomato Basil Vinaigrette  Earthy blend of Whole Plum Tomatoes, Basil, Oregano and Balsamic Vinaigrette   6.99 pt    12.99 qt

                       Caesar  Creamy blend of Parmesan Cheese and Garlic   6.99 pt    12.99 qt

Buttermilk Ranch   Savory Version of the Classic   6.99 pt    12.99 qt

                       French Island   Creamier Version of French   6.99 pt    12.99 qt

                       Blue Cheese  Full Flavored made with Maytag Blue Cheese   9.99 pt    18.99 qt

Romano Italian  Pecorino Romano blended with Italian Herbs   6.99 pt    12.99 qt


Horseradish Cream   Mild but Flavorful   4.99 pt    8.99 qt

            FI47 Steak Sauce   Perfect blend, not too tart and not too sweet   4.99 pt    8.99 qt

Cocktail   Balanced blend of Heat and Sweetness   4.99 pt    8.99 qt

Tarter   Blended with Fresh Dill and Old Bay   4.99 pt    8.99 qt

Barbecue    Lightly Smoked with Sweetness from Honey   4.99 pt    8.99 qt


Chocolate Mousse  Made with Imported Belgian Chocolate   34.99   (serves up to 20)

Tiramisu  Lady Fingers soaked in Espresso and Kahlua layered with Amaretto
Mascarpone Cream  
39.99  one tray (serves up to 30)

                  Cheesecake New York style Rich and Creamy   34.99   (serves up to 20)

This menu features our most popular items.  We may be able to furnish items not listed, please call

Franklinville Inn